Dany Dorf

Dany Dorf was born in 1965, on September the 4th, in Montevideo (Uruguay), but he has grown on the other side of the Río de la Plata in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He began playing music at 5 and appeared on scene as a professional guitarist and singer at 13 years old. He entertained its passion for music at the same time to his medical studies and three years in music therapy training. It recognizes that this latter experiment has opened him to communicate and helped him in his musical practice, for example learning relaxation. He learned guitar by « Maestros » but received only a few singing lessons: Dany is self-taught on the subject; he has always sung with a natural ease that it’s peculiar to him and marks his style.

He has known various musical experiences in Argentina, especially with the polyphony vocal band Solo cinco that he took part for three years, but also participating in choirs in a great Argentina blues band: Memphis la Blusera. He had also the opportunity to perform at the River Plate in Buenos Aires stadium with them. In another field, Dany sang on numerous occasions for advertising jingles, success TV movies and stand-in films. Its musical and specifically vocal experiments across the Atlantic were abundant, varied and rewarding. In 2003 when he arrived in France, he improved his tango and Latin American practice. He met Vidal Rojas, who quickly introduced him in his Ganzua tango band and then he integrated Cuerda y Voz in 2009.