François Knab

François Knab, known as “Fafa” was born in Toulouse on June 7th, 1958.
When he was 10 Fafa began playing piano and learned music theory. Four or five years later, he decided on his own to stop and at this time he turned to new instruments such as the guitar and the flute that he broached on his own. Then he created its first band with his schoolmates, Jacques Saux and Serge Lopez with whom he formed Cuerda y Voz almost thirty years later. He shared his musical youth with its two sidekicks until a few years later Serge left Toulouse for Andalusia. Then came the « Jaivas » style (Chilean group); always accompanied by Jacques, Fafa played in a fusion band with a Chilean friend.

Then, he participated in several formations such as mariachi bands, but also world music groups as Los Guanacos, La Calaca… He has also been at the source of the Baroco’s project. Initially the stamp of the group sounded rather “Jazz-Rock-Fusion », but it changed to a mixed style that Fafa called “Fusion-ethnic-World”! This experience and the Cuerda y Voz one represent to him its richest musical moments. He played saxophone for more than 20 years with Baroco and had recorded four albums « Wali Bangui », « Baroco Trio », « Kuma » and « Gondwana » also attended by Vidal Rojas. Fafa tells about that it’s on the occasion of the 20th Baroco’s anniversary at the time of their « reunion » with Jacques, Serge and Michel Steiner that they manifested the desire to reform a whole group… it was the Cuerda y Voz beginnings…