Sergio Saraniche

Sergio Saraniche was born in October the 30th on 1957 in Chivilcoy (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
He began to play guitar with his father, then it’s his parents’s neighbour who gave him his first private lessons. Today he tells smiling that he hated his teacher, but he also recognizes he learned a lot thanks to the classical and perhaps rigid training of his professor. He continued his training at the Conservatory of Buenos Aires where he followed classes of guitar and clarinet – « clarinet did not work! » he jokes – for a year and a half. His professor of guitar at the Conservatory was El Nono Belvis, an important musical figure in the late 1970’s Buenos Aires.

With these encounter Sergio entered into the circle of M.I.A. (Músicos Independientes Asociados). The M.I.A. was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, it got nearly 50 musicians in the form of an independent co-operative, their project was to promote new values. Sergio participated in three tours in Argentina with the M.I.A. and recorded the “Cornostipicum” album. His participation in this group of artists allowed him to open up to new musical styles and gave him the opportunity to perform at the Teatro Coliseo (Buenos Aires) in the first part of Egberto Gismonti. He described this musical encounter as an upheaval.

In 1981, Sergio decided to flee from the military repression that prevailed in Argentina and moved to Europe. In France he mounted his first « neo-folk » music band Chivilcoy, with his brother Jorge Saraniche, Dario Luciani and Rodolfo Amar. They recorded an album « A pies descalzos » (1985). In the early 1990’s he studied the guitar in the United States for more than a year at the Guitar Institute of Technology. This adventure allowed him to meet great musicians, has aroused his curiosity and awakened his appetite for musical novelty.
Back in France he co-founded the Ganzua tango group alongside Vidal Rojas, Diuri Gubitch, Jorge Saraniche now replaced by Dany Dorf. It says that he didn’t truly known this music before but that today it really makes part of him.