Vidal Rojas

Vidal Rojas was born in Paris, on April the 12th in 1966, of Paraguayan parents. He came from a musician family; his father, Virgilio Rojas, represents one of the major figures of the Latin American music in Europe. It’s however at the normal school of music in Paris that he began his musical training. He devoted 12 years learning classical piano and music theory. His children desire of reproducing the music he heard at home, led him to the guitar and its derivatives (guitarrón, vihuela, charango, cuatro, quinta de golpe, etc.). Amazingly his mother taught him its first guitar chords, then Vidal has entertained his practice and has forged his musical knowledge as an self-taught.

When he was 15, he met in Paris the one who will become his « Maestro », the prodigious tango guitarist Ciro Perez and brought with him famous stages, including the « Trottoirs de Buenos Aires » – Mecca of the argentine culture in Paris in the 80’s. It’s also on these boards that Vidal had the opportunity to perform alongside artists such as Sandra Rumolino, Reinado Anselmi (« El Gringo »), Enrique Pascual among many others. He recorded two albums, “Hommage à Roberto Grela” with Ciro Pérez (1995) widely hailed by the critic and “Revisitango” (2008). In 1995 he co-founded the tango group Ganzua with Sergio Saraniche, Jorge Saraniche and Diuri Gubitch. They call to honor the voice-guitar tradition and enrich their tango with jazz-influenced arrangements. They recorded their first album « Buenos Aires Del Garona » in 1998 and are now working to a second disk with Dany Dorf on vocals.

Since 2000, William Sabatier, one of the great bandoneonist recognized as such on the international stage, regularly integrates him into his PSP Trio where Vidal meet again with Ciro Perez. Vidal didn’t limit its practices to the tango since he participated in bands of world music as Los Guanacos and La Calaca, which his friend Fafa also took part. In the 1980’s, the two friends had the opportunity to meet Raul Mercado, a musician that has marked their musical development until today, as it’s one of the composers that Cuerda y Voz puts in the spotlight in his repertoire.