Soon! Canto Vital

The new album will be available at the end of October 2016 in digital, LP and CD formats.

This is a short note from “maestro” Raul Mercado


I have always been aware of the importance to continually move forward in life and If there is one thing that I have learned over time, it is my need to keep the faculty of astonishment intact and alive.
The surprise I felt listening to the talented group “CUERDA Y VOZ”, formed by French and South American musicians, is what validates this need. What a difficult task, if one takes into account the eclecticism and the consubstantial nature of the subject at hand, which includes songs with deep Latin American roots like “Camino del Indio”, “Viva Jujuy”, “Recuerdos del Portezuelo” “Carnavalitos Tradicionales Argentinos”, “De Los Humildes”, “Doña Soledad”, “Juana Azurduy” …. up to the traditional “Misa Por Un Continente or the major composition by Ramírez, the “Misa Criolla”.

Those who know the incredible effort it takes to choose, arrange, develop and perform such a repertoire, understand that there is no room for complacency or quick praise.
Without a doubt, this recording is AN AMAZING WORK…. This is my deep and sincere opinion.
I also thank you for respecting, enhancing and reviving the ancestry of “Andariega” (new interpretation style of folklore invented by the famous group Los Andariegos, in the 1970s and characterized by the sophisticated harmonies and vocal counterpoints and virtuoso guitar solos which are melodically and harmonically an innovative language in themselves).

You, “CUERDA Y VOZ” through your hard work, know better than anyone that “LOS ANDARIEGOS” set the scene… not just crossing your path but paved the way, to paraphrase the great poet Armando Tejada Gomez.
And for the grand finale… see comments by Andariegos “Tata”(the father)  Angel Cacho Ritro and Andrés, son of the great Agustin Gomez.

Raul Mercado
Songwriter, arranger, singer, kena flute and guitarist of Los Andariegos


Hey guys, great work! The vocal harmonization is a question of technique, but with your good taste, it goes way beyond that.
Congratulations and kudos from Andariega.

Angel “Cacho” Ritro
Founding member of  Los Andariegos
Songwriter, arranger, singer, lead guitar, lead charango.


Raul, the songs sound beautiful! Each Los Andariegos cover song played by “CUERDA VOZ Y” is refreshingly up-to-date, not-to-mention your fantastic arrangements. And the voices sound great too!

Andrés Gomez
Son of Agustin “Negro” Gomez, songwriter, singer/soloist, virtuoso lead guitar player and mythical member of Los Andariegos.

Translation : Stephen Glasgow