CUERDA Y VOZ – Oración Universal

ORACIÓN UNIVERSAL is the fruit of the meeting between Cuerda y Voz and the choir Nueva Alborada. They present together « Misa por un continente » by Francisco Marin and Ruben Bareiro Saguier. The story of this musical creation saw its fulfillment during the concert given at the church Saint Roch, in Paris, where 40 years earlier this mass was interpreted by Guaranis. This show was also played in the famous concert hall Nougaro in Toulouse and was recorded live for a DVD and a CD.

For this occasion, Lorena Acin thought and designed an original scenography. She created a set of translucent kettle drums sitting on top of bamboos showing some sorts of animated moons. This symbolic staging illustrates the music played. It reflects how much it is flexible and tough. This show is a real ” invitation to the voyage “, a poetic proposal, full of emotion, energy and brightness!

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