The Band

First and foremost, Cuerda y Voz is a friendship romance; five talented musicians Dany, Fafa, Jacques, Sergio and Vidal joined together to share South American folklore.

Almost 10 years ago, in 2003, Fafa has organized the 20th birthday of his mixed band Baroco. To celebrate, he has invited some musician friends that he hadn’t seen for a long time. There was Serge Lopez, Jacques Saux – they’ve made their first band together when they were teens – and Michel Steiner among them. That’s how, having a drink, they decided to create a new band… Cuerda y Voz was rising up!

In 2004, the band invited Vidal Rojas to make a new « voice »: his tango guitar answered to the flamenco Serge Lopez one. He introduced in/ gave to the band a novel musical and harmonic colour. He submitted the Misa por un Continente project to the band. That Mass has been composed by Francisco Marin and Ruben Bareiro Saguier in the 1970’s and performed by Los Guaranies. This musical project mean a lot to Cuerda y Voz because they play this atypical Mass since 6 years with the Nueva Alborada choir.

Cuerda y Voz has developed his experiences, Michel Steiner let his voice to Dany Dorf and Serge Lopez its strings to Sergio Saraniche. Yes, Cuerda y Voz is also in constant turmoil, it’s a bubbling heart, tangled voices… it’s a story that weave at the mercy of the encounters. These five artists are living together like a music love story, a shared passion. In spite of their different origins, or their different musical careers, they join to resound their instruments. At the same time individually and commonly, they are carried to the same place, they are a sort of « confluence ». Each new member of the band knew how to bring his tiny drop without altering/ affecting the original concept of Cuerda y Voz. They sing the “harmony” with a South American authors and composers repertoire, they play Raul Mercado from the Andariegos band, Victor Jara, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Federico Garcia Lorca or Virgilio Rojas – eminent Paraguayan musician who played with the Guaranis band – music.

They choose their repertoire in a collegiate way; they work to a same aim, giving life to a Latino American music often obscure, lending her with new glitter… the magic works/ operates!